Mocha Angels 365. Day 36.

“……my therapist taught me, “Everything in moderation, except joy.” As I looked back over my life, I began to understand that my joy, indeed my very existence, depends on me inhaling goodness unapologetically.” – “Sharing ‘Good Vibes’ Only Can Save Your Life” by Danielle Young (link to full article below.)

I read that quote in the December 2019 issue of Essence magazine. I was reading the magazine at Firestone Auto Care while waiting for my car to be repaired after an unexpected breakdown. The column struck me so much that I took a picture of the above paragraph.

So how to inhale more goodness, more joy when the “dailyness” of life is wearing you down? Reading Mocha Angels 365 is always good! That Ms. Mocha Angel is on point! (HA HA!)

Doing things that bring you joy is key.

Enter ellieejay from the Pointless Overthinking blog. She wrote a post called “How to Love the Repetition of Life.” (link to full post below) Simple pleasures, with minimum effort and minimum cost, are the key the enjoying the repetition of life, says ellieejay. I’m down like four flat tires with her line of thinking.

The simplest of all my pleasures is singing. I sing all.the.time. Everywhere. Anywhere. Ask my kids. I dance too. I can’t dance worth snot, but I don’t care. Song and dance bring me joy. I can’t do either one of them too much.

How do you inhale goodness? What are your simple pleasures?

Sharing ‘Good Vibes’ Only Can Save Your Life by Danielle Young:

How to Love the Repetition of Life by elliejay:

4 thoughts on “Mocha Angels 365. Day 36.

  1. Hello Ms. Mocha Angel, I am so happy you were able to take something positive from my post, and use it to inspire your circle and those around you. It is truly my honor to make a difference in my readers’ lives. Thank you for being open to the world around you, and I hope you continue singing and dancing like no one’s watching. Although it wasn’t on my list, dancing is one of my simple pleasures as well. I dance every morning in the elevator alone 🙂 I look forward to reading more from you! Best, Ellen

    1. Thank you so much, Ellen. I am very grateful for you. And thank you for reblogging my post. (I didn’t even know that you could do that! I’m still learning WordPress.) (((hugs))) Althea

  2. Reblogged this on ellieejay's blog and commented:
    It is my honor to have the opportunity to positively impact my readers’ lives. Thank you Ms. Mocha Angel for taking something beneficial from my post and dispersing it to your circle of readers. All in an effort to make the world a slightly better, happier place! Xx, Ellen

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