#metoo on a million little things, part 2 (ABC)

Season 2, Episode 3: Mixed Signals

I wrote about this in February. My fear was that this #metoo storyline would be dropped in Season 2 of a million little things. Thankfully, it has not. The writers and actors are doing an excellent job of depicting how childhood sexual assault affects the survivor well into adulthood.

Last season ended with Regina and Delilah opening their restaurant “someday,” with money Delilah’s late husband John had left them both. Regina’s now deceased uncle Neil (whom we never saw) had also left her money for the restaurant. This was the uncle who had molested her as a 12-year-old. We also found out this uncle had molested Regina’s mother (his sister).

Regina donated her uncle’s money to a women’s shelter. As a result, she needed extra help from an investor Andrew Pollock, who’s got a thing for Delilah. (On an unrelated note, Andrew met Delilah when she was pregnant and instantly liked her. Dude. Really?) Both events complicate Regina’s life.

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The shelter is throwing a benefit and want Regina to be the guest of honor. At the very least, they want to publicize her donation. Regina wants to stay anonymous. Also, Andrew is offering his opinions as an investor which Regina is clearly uncomfortable with. She meets with the social media guy Andrew suggested. It’s clear that Andrew is promoting Regina as “his discovery” and this is her “first restaurant.” Not true on both counts.

That’s when Regina has her moment. She feels like she’s being violated all over again. She realizes her donation to the women’s shelter should be public. She’s is a survivor and she wants people to know her name. For Andrew, the restaurant is just business. He is a businessman with power over her. It feels like the night she was molested, and she’s not going to be victimized a second time. She must run the restaurant on her own terms.

She decides to take a line of credit in order to buy Andrew out. Her husband, Rome, decides to direct two Lexus commercials he had been offered, but turned down, in order to make the money back. He is doing this all for Regina.

I loved this episode as well as ones that have followed so far. Regina is taking her power back. That is what I wanted to see. Twists are coming with her marriage and her relationship with Delilah and Andrew. I’ll keep watching to see what happens.

ABC’s a million little things airs Thursdays at 9:00pm EST.

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