“A Little Late with Lilly Singh” (NBC) A Review

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“YAS, QUEEN!” says me when I watch A Little Late with Lilly Singh. Since the show comes on at 1:35am Eastern Standard Time in the United States, I record the show to watch it in the morning. After two months of the show, my kids are used to me shouting at the television during their breakfast “YES, GIRL!,” “YOU OWN IT, SUPERWOMAN!”

If you read my first Lilly post, then you know why I’m excited. Lilly gets my full support for as long as the show runs. Here’s my quick review:


Lilly. It’s easy to see why the multi-hyphenate talent has a talk show. She’s energetic, hyped-up, and funny.

Her chemistry with female guests. I call it now: Lilly’s going to end up marrying a woman. All of her female guests are obviously comfortable talking to her. Tracee Ellis Ross was the best, most natural interview. The clip I shared is only five minutes. If you watch the entirety of the interview on YouTube, you’ll see these two women flow together like water.

Pre-teen girls writing the monologue jokes and taking over stage production duties on International Day of the Girl. That was a “how come no one ever thought of this before?” moment. Amazing.

Interpretive Dance with Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger. These women are professional dancers, so that was a great game to watch.

Jenna Dewan, Nick Offerman, and Lilly doing a sexy pumpkin rap. That was good stuff.

The amount of people of color in the audience. Yes, ma’am.

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The Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie, talking about their brother accidentally finding Nikki’s sex toys…on the same episode a group of pre-teen girls have taken over stage production duties. OUCH. If I was the parent of one of those girls, I’d grabbed a producer and said, “I need a word with you…”

Lilly interviewing Allen Leech, Elizabeth McGovern, and Hugh Bonneville from “Downton Abbey.” They looked like they wanted to be anywhere else.

Lilly’s desk. It looks like a spaceship from Battlestar Galactica.

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The lighting! It’s too dark! The stage and lighting need to be much brighter.

The desk is too far away from the guests.

America Ferrera’s surprise Quinceanera.  From America being snooty about the sneakers Lilly surprised her with to the ugly dress to the waltz and the moment when Lilly tried to feed her cake:

America: “Is that gluten-free?”

Lilly: “I don’t think so.”

America: pushes cake away with her hand

Lilly: :::Improvs::: “Mmmmh, that’s good! Gluten!” And takes a bite of the cake.

Oh, God, that was so bad. The producers should have gotten America’s dietary needs before creating that bit.


The show is finding its way. I predict it’s only going to go up from here. Give her time to find her way on this new platform of late night television. Lilly is a superstar and nothing is going to stop her trajectory.

Click to watch the video

Up next: A year of living without. Friday, November 1.

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